Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Goal For Weight Loss

Do you have a weight goal can be achieved with weight loss? I would say yes, that many times has been pushed into our brains and again that "weight loss" is what we want to achieve. There are guides to weight loss, weight loss supplements, and many other things that push "weight loss." Many people have even set their goals to a certain weight. in addition, the medical community has a chart of "ideal weight", which can add to the confusion about the weight loss developed.

Now I ask you a question. If your goal is weight loss really? If you try to make a weight class for wrestling or any other sport with weight classes, you might think that your goal is weight loss, but not really. You try this thing called flubbery your body lose fat connected. Is that it?

So why do we have our progress, how much we weigh measure? Why we work on the bathroom scale and hope that these figures are lower than in the past? You see, our most affected fat is our body weight. Other factors include water, muscle, glycogen, and of course, if we have something to eat before or again use the bathroom.

Our water weight fluctuates constantly. For example, if the end of the water vapor escapes. When you sweat, you sweat water. There are also many other factors that may affect the amount of water in the body. The water is what usually causes these gains or losses of one or two pounds of random weight that can make you happy or sad. It is almost physiologically impossible to lose a pound of fat in one day.

One reason for the low carb or no carb (also) ketogenic diets are so attractive because of the large initial weight loss. However, it is not necessarily weight fat. When the body has a limited carbohydrates memory backup, which in the liver and muscles as glycogen said. The human body can be about 400 grams of glycogen. In the elderly, this number could increase. Also be stored for each gram of glycogen in the body as well, are also stored 3 g of water. If you understand this, which is equivalent to about 1600 g (3.5 pounds) of glycogen and water.

If you stop or limit the consumption of carbohydrates, the body starts using its glycogen stores. After a few days of 1600 grams (3.5 pounds) of glycogen and water are gone. In addition, as the adaptation of the limitation of carbohydrate, the body called ketones such things. Ketones seems a diuretic effect, which would mean an even greater loss of water.

In addition to water, if they practiced speed lately along the "weight loss" (which means fat loss, right?) Progress you probably have some muscles, it got done. This increase in muscle may also affect the numbers you see on the scale. Muscle is denser than fat.

You may be wondering, how do you measure your progress now that the balance is not so much as it once was mine. Well, there are different ways to measure body fat percentage. None of these methods is 100% accurate, but it is much more useful than using a ladder is.

One of the easiest options is to use a measure. You can usually find these at your local sporting goods / fitness studio. If you can not find locally, you can be ordered from the Internet. Calipers to measure the thickness of a skin fold on your triceps. Then there are instructions with the brake calipers that show how you can use came'll take your body fat.

If you insist to know, want to use your weight loss progress and scale, try to weigh yourself at the same time each day. Probably the best time would be right when you wake up in the morning and before anything.

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