Thursday, March 12, 2015

Best Cleanse for Weight Loss cleanse for weight loss is needed to remove toxins from our body (also known as detox), along with the weight loss attempt. The main purpose is to have healthier body. Some of the detox method may also affect on the loose of body weight. But they are usually not noticeable or only a little amount of weight is cut down. If you want to cleanse your body as well as losing weight, you can try master cleanse. Master cleanse is the best cleanse for weight loss since it controls our calory intake.

Best cleanse for weight loss: Master Cleanse Method

It is important to note that this cleansing method is not recommended to be done in long time period. Actually, all kinds of body cleansing are done in a short amount of period. This master cleanse, which is also known as lemonade diet, is the most popular cleansing that serves dual purposes (both detox and weight loss). The method is to cut solid food off from your diet. You will need to drink salt water every morning as a laxative, and drink herbal laxative tea at night. As it is cleansing, it will drain the toxins from your body with fluid circulation.

For the daily meals, say goodbye to solid food and welcome lemonade for about ten days. You can drink lemonade made of fresh lemon or lime, and water. For sweetener, use maple syrup if you want. After ten days passed, you can eat solid foods but don’t drastically change the diet yet. Start from watery foods like soups, along with fruit juice.

Best cleanse for weight loss: Master Cleanse Effectiveness

If asked for its effectiveness, people who have tried this cleansing method often say yes. Yes, it is effective on losing weight. But only in a short time period. If you do this cleansing method repeatedly, you may not lose any weight more. It is possible that the weight you lose are from water weight and even muscle mass. Another important thing you have to know is, this method of losing weight is not recommended for those who want to maintain body muscle.

Since there is not enough protein consumption, the muscle will diminish. Effectiveness of detox is not proven yet. Experts say that all kinds of detox are not required since normal liver can do the task just well. But among the other detox method, this is the best cleanse for weight loss.

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Best Cleanse for Weight Loss

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